About us

We alumikadesign is an aluminum and glass company / aluminum and glass construction project design service company or a company engaged in the field of aluminum and glass.



aluminum sills, aluminum doors, glass doors, aluminum windows, aluminum partitions, glass partitions, railling glass, glass canopies, aluminum acp composite panels, gypsum partitions and ceilings, light steel construction, iron construction, aluminum kitchen sets and others- other..
Our company has been engaged for almost 3 years with personnel who are experienced in their fields.

Scope of work

SCOPE OF WORK Aluminum Frame Aluminum Door:

Aluminum Swing Door, Aluminum Sliding Door, Spandrell Door, Aluminum Foldable Door, Frameliss Floorhing Glass Door, Floorhing Glass Door + accessories, Sliding Glass Door (temperd), Folding Door etc … Aluminum Window: Aluminum Foldable Window, Sliding Window, Casement Window, Aluminum swing window etc .. Aluminum Partition Partition Glass Aluminum Staircase Awnings Expanda Shower Screen Tinted window Glass Toilet Partition Aluminum Accessories Shower screen + Frame Curtain Wall Canopy Glass Aluminum Composite Panel Lovera Canopy Policarbonat Gypsum partition Mirror Patch Door Fittings Aluminum Foldable Door Railing Glass Stainless Railing Lightweight steel roof truss and others